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All new and refurbished equipment comes with state of the art control panels complete with integration into company-wide control systems. Centri-Force offers bespoke replacement control panels for all makes and models of industrial centrifuges
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New and Replacement Control Panels

Every new or refurbished centrifuge comes with a new control panel. This provides touch screen control though the HMI to a modern PLC with our own software to control the operation of the equipment.
Most of our panels are built using Siemens HMI’s and PLC’s and Siemens software, although Allen Bradley is also available.
Our control panels include remote connectivity allowing us to monitor the equipment and make changes to settings from our premises. This has proved to be very successful and can avoid a call out to the site which can be expensive and time consuming.

Centri-Force can also supply replacement / retrofit control panels where the existing panels have become obsolete. This is increasingly a problem because HMI’s, PLC’s and Variable Speed Drives are being superseded with increasing frequency. The paradox is that the mechanical performance of centrifuges has become more reliable while the control systems have become increasingly less reliable. If the control panel fails then the centrifuge is out of production.
New Control Panel – Internal View


Control Panels are required for the safe operation of the centrifuge. The control system can be extended to include control of the variable speed drives of the feed pump and, where relevant, polymer pump.

We can also investigate incorporating the control of the centrifuge and pumps into the automated operation of the plant. These are custom projects that can add significant value.

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