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HAUS Turbo Blowers

Centri-Force announces the new range of HAUS Magnetic Bearing Turbo Blowers for the UK and Ireland.
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Blowers and air compressors are widely used in the waste water treatments to aerate sewage and other industrial effluents to aid biological digestion processes. They are also used in oil and gas production and in chemical plants where aeration is required. The use of the blower is fundamental to the aeration process, but the capital cost of the blower is dwarfed by the energy that it will consume during its service life.

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The HAUS Magnetic Turbo Blower is a single stage centrifugal compressor with a variable speed drive and adopts magnetic bearing technology. It has almost no service parts, so maintenance costs are essentially a thing of the past.

It works by sucking filtered air into a centrifugal compressor where an innovative impeller driven by a variable speed motor which uses magnetic bearings. The air is driven out at high velocity through the air diffuser discharge cone. The HAUS Turbo Blower is monitored and controlled using the HAUS proprietary Maestro Software. This coupled with state of the art electronic and mechanical components are all housed in a single insulated cabinet. In total the HAUS Turbo Blower is a complete system that sets new standards of energy efficiency.
Installation on site couldn’t be easier. Everything is ready to go straight out of the box. Installation is straightforward and our commissioning engineers are on hand to provide effective commissioning and training. Because there are no rotating parts to maintain, no lubricants or gaskets to change, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum, changing the air filter.

The Turbo Blower runs continuously and is tolerant to a wide range of ambient temperatures. The Maestro operating software provides remote diagnostics on a variety of platforms so monitoring and controlling the Turbo Blower in operation couldn’t be easier. Even at peak flows the noise level is below 80dB(A).


The HAUS Turbo Blower is the latest innovation from HAUS that will set new standards for energy efficiency with very low though life maintenance costs.

Find out more about the HAUS Turbo Blower by contacting us. Centri-Force is the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.

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