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Centriquip Decanter Centrifuges – Services And Repairs

Since Centriquip ceased trading many of their customers have been looking for a reliable service provider who will provide continuing support. Centri-Force has the answers.
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Centriquip were manufacturing decanter centrifuges near Chesterfield in the UK. After a change of ownership manufacturing ceased and the range of decanter centrifuges became obsolete.  After care for existing installations has become increasing difficult to find and expensive. Centri-Force is a specialist in service and repair of all the models in the range that Centriquip previously manufactured. This means that customers with existing installation now have a genuine alternative that is technically qualified, experienced and above all competitively priced. Typically we respond to all requests for site support within 24 hours. This can be as part of a planned service arrangement or as a response to a telephone request.

Centri-Force has over 40 years experience

Since Centri-Force has over 40 years of servicing and repairing all makes of decanter centrifuge and many years experience with Centriquip decanters we are well placed to stand in now that the original equipment manufacturer has discontinued manufacturing new machines.

All our service and repair work is done by our own fully qualified engineers many of whom have years of experience with Centriquip decanter centrifuges. Our engineers have been trained by Viscotherm in Switzerland in servicing the Rotodiff and hydraulic pump units which are at the heart of the control of the differential speed of the scroll to the bowl, which has been designed into all Centriquip models. Furthermore Centriquip decanter centrifuges are in our rental fleet which are available to hire if required.
Rotating Assembly Unit

Trusted Engineers

Our technicians are familiar with Centriquip’s control philosophy and we are familiar with the control panels and fault finding. It is true to say that we know the black art as well as the science behind the operation of centrifuges. All our engineers are on the payroll and we do not use sub contractors.

All of our Field Service Engineers carry Safety Passports and familiar with preparing Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Our in-house and on-site practices and procedures for health, safety, quality and environment are externally audited and accredited under UVDB Achilles Verify.
CQ5000 Available to hire

Service and Repair Capabilities

Centri-Force offer a comprehensive array of services including:

  • Planned on-Site centrifuge services
  • Exchange of Rotating Assemblies
  • Dynamic Balancing of Bowls and Scrolls
  • Re-Tipping worn scroll flights
  • Applying hard facing wear protection or tungsten carbide tiles
  • Repairs to worn out discharge ports etc
  • General engineering repairs
  • Performance optimisation
  • Operator training

Spare Parts

Centri-Force has been maintaining Centriquip decanter centrifuges for at least ten years and can source quality spare parts many of which are held in stock.  This guarantees that existing installed machines can be supported now and for many years into the future.

Poly-Concrete Base Frames

Some models in the Centriquip range use poly-concrete base frames which have been very strong and help dampen vibration. However, there is a tendency for the poly-concrete to break up after prolonged use.  This is no longer a problem as we can source new replacement base frames giving the centrifuges a new lease of life.


All our work is fully guaranteed excluding normal wear and tear.  We take a very different view about when a machine is obsolete because we have the facilities and experience to keep machines in production long after the original manufacturer has declared the model obsolete.

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