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Pusher Centrifuges

Centri-Force has been appointed by Rotofilt as a distributor of its Pusher Centrifuge technology.
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Pusher Centrifuges

Rotofilt has been manufacturing its advanced Pusher Centrifuge since 2002 and is now firmly established as a high-quality technology provider with an extensive installed machine base worldwide. The combination of Rotofilt technology and Centri-Force sales and technical support make for a winning team. The Pusher Centrifuge will be added seamlessly to an already impressive new machine offering.

Centri-Force has a full service and repair capability from its workshops in Glasgow. This will be deployed to fully support the Rotofilt Pusher Centrifuge range of machines.

The Pusher Centrifuge is ideally suited to the manufacture of chemicals, agrichemicals and for dewatering crystals as part of a manufacturing process.

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Pusher Centrifuge Brochure

How it Works

The Pusher Centrifuge is a relatively low speed industrial centrifuge for continuous dewatering processes. The centrifuge drum supports a wedge-wire screen that is driven by a single electric motor controlled by a variable speed inverter, VSD. The rotation of the drum at speed creates the centrifugal force that is the key to the separation. The reciprocating pusher action, backward and forwards, is driven by the hydraulic oil pump unit. This has the effect of pushing the solids that have settled at the outside of the drum towards the front of the drum. This pressing action pushes against the accumulated solids in front of it which creates a squeezing effect that forces more liquid to filter out, improving drying performance. The net result is very efficient dewatering and exceptionally dry solids that are discharged under gravity through the solids discharge chute.

The liquid phase is continually running through the wedge-wire screen through the perforated drum and is discharged under gravity through the liquid discharge chute.

The Rotofilt Pusher Centrifuge drum can be manufactured with different materials of construction depending on the application, including wear protection for abrasive material if necessary. The stroke length can be adjusted to suit the duty and the speed of rotation is controlled through the VSD. This means that the centrifuge can be readily configured to optimise dewatering depending on the application.

Range of Machines

Rotofilt has a complete range of Pusher Centrifuges so that there will be a model ideally suited to a particular application. The range start with the TME252 which has drum with a 250mm diameter through to the TME1002 which has a drum with a one metre diameter. Here is the Pusher Centrifuge Brochure which sets out the main specifications of each of the machines in the range. P&ID’s and General Arrangement Drawings are available on request.

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