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Saveco Reception Screens

Centri-Force now offers state of the art reception screens for handling all types of liquid waste
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Substantial Productivity Increase
Robust Design
Ease of Operation

Reception Screens from Saveco

The new Reception Screen from Saveco is the latest development of earlier designs that have been operating successfully in the United States for over ten years. This new version, nicknamed “the Beast”, as its name suggests, is a robust screen that is now working on sites in the UK and proving highly effective and very fast.

For tanker operators the ability to hook up the screen directly and discharge at up to 200m3 per hour means the turn around for the tanker is dramatically reduced allowing to the number of loads processed in a day to increase. The increase in productivity translated directly into an increase in profitability.
Colleagues from Saveco proudly exhibit “The Beast”

How it Works

In essence the Reception Screen is a slow rotating screen that is connected directly to Bauer connection at the discharge point of a vacuum tanker. The discharged liquid waste is pumped to the Beast at the maximum flow rate of the tanker’s pump. The liquid runs through the screen and is discharged by gravity. As the screen rotates it is washed continually by a spray bar to prevent to the screen blocking up. The screen has either 5mm or 6mm perforations for the liquid to pass through. Any solids greater than 5 or 6mm e.g. rags, stones and general waste are scrolled up the inclined drum and dumped into a skip. There is no need for separate de-stoner as the screen will handle stones and grit without any difficulty.
VFA 1400 Reception Screen "The Beast"
"The Beast" in Close up

Fully Automated

The whole process is fully automated. All that is needed is single push of a button at the reception area to start the Beast and a single push of a button the stop it. Because the handling capacity of the beast is so large it can handle more than one tanker at a time to further improve productivity.
Up to 200m3 p.h. at the inlet
Rags and other Solid Waste
The Complete Process

Screened Run-Off

Importantly, the water run-off from the Beast has been screened which is ideal for further processing using decanter centrifuges. So the Beast coupled with decanter centrifuges represent a combined process the fully automate and treat tanker waste.

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