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Carbon Footprint

We measure the Company’s carbon footprint and we have Key Performance Indicators for its reduction.
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Since 2010 we have had an annual audit of all our energy use including car fuel, travel, skips to landfill, and other emissions etc. The raw data is sent to Carbon Earth Ltd who are specialists in interpreting the data. From the data supplied Carbon Earth calculated the Carbon Dioxide or Equivalent Emissions for the year using methodologies established by DEFRA.

Carbon Earth calculates our total Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or equivalent emissions to approximately 340 tonnes in 2020. The definitions change periodically, for example water usage is now included, but on a like for like basis our emissions ha been reasonably steady. We have an objective in 2022 to further reduce this amount. This will be done by continuing capital investment in the fabric of our buildings and our continuing programme to fit LED bulbs throughout.

Our buildings are fitted with a state of the art zoned heating system which allows precise control of the heating and avoids wasted energy heating the buildings if no one is there. In the workshops we have fitted electrical cut out switches which will shut off the space heaters whenever the front doors are opened e.g. to load and unload trucks. In addition we have been fitting energy efficient LED lights where practicable to do so. Bearing in mind that the winters in Glasgow can be quite challenging so our energy use is to a large degree determined by the severity of the weather in the Scottish winters.
Our vehicle fleet is continually being replaced with more fuel efficient vehicles and where possible we are replacing all diesel vehicles with electric hybrid vehicles.

Of course we continue to recycle extensively and very little goes down the drain or into the atmosphere.

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