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Centri-Force has been providing field service and workshop repairs for all makes of industrial centrifuge since 1980. Our business is to provide comprehensive after care support to all process installations where industrial centrifuges are used. These can be decanter centrifuges, high speed disc stack centrifuges and basket centrifuges. In many of these plants the centrifuge is a critical piece of plant and any down-time directly affects production and ultimately profitability. It is essential that engineering managers can rely on their service provider to bring the necessary skill, expertise and technical support when it is needed.  This is where Centri-Force excels.

With over four decades in the business Centri-Force is a major force in after care in the UK and in Ireland. We have Field Service Engineers working throughout the country supported by our workshop based engineers who can be called to site when needed. All our engineers carry Safety Passports and our practices and procedures are all part of our HSQE system so that site safety is assured.
Replacing a Rotating Assembly

Service Contracts

Where centrifuges are installed in critical processes we offer formal Service Contracts which provide our most secure level of customer support. In the event of an emergency contracted service customers will always receive highest priority which provides reassurance in these situations. Service contracts also allow us to work out and agree what spare parts and insurance spares should be held in stock just in case these are needed at short notice.
Hard facing a decanter scroll

Non Contract Service Support

Of course we are happy to provide an on-demand service and we are happy to be called in when it is convenient to fit in with production schedules. In many cases we are called to resolve a problem which then leads to a more formal arrangement later on. Others are happy just to call us in when it suits them.


If it turns out that a major repair is required then we arrange for our own transport to bring the assembly concerned back to our workshops where we have a comprehensive machining capability complete with dynamic balancing. This allows us to effect repair here in the UK and return the unit to site as quickly as possible. For many critical processes this is a major advantage compared to sending the unit overseas to the manufacturer. Since the unit is being repaired in our workshops is much easier to witness the repair which we welcome. Most field services are routine and straightforward. Our engineers arrive on site as scheduled and undertake the agreed scope of work in accordance with service instructions. Risk Assessments and Method Statements will be agreed in advance and checked on arrival. On completion of the service the centrifuge will be run up and left in production. A schedule of parts replaced and a service report is provided by our engineer noting vibration levels and highlighting any faults discovered and any remedial work that is required.
Factory Acceptance Test in the Workshop

Spare Parts

We hold thousands of parts in stock at any time including most of the parts that are routinely replaced during a service. Manufactured parts are sourced directly from the centrifuge OEM. In the case of bearings, electrical components and seals we source from the OEMs who supply the centrifuge manufacturers to secure the best possible prices. Of course customers can elect to use only parts kits supplied by the centrifuge OEM, which we are happy to fit.  

Emergency response

Emergency call out support is always included in service contracts on a site by site basis. However, we will always come to the aid of all our customers and anyone else who needs urgent help. We know how critical it can be when a centrifuge goes down and we are well placed to assist across the UK and in Ireland. We support all makes and types of centrifuge many of which are tabulated here. We are always keen to talk to centrifuge users about their service requirements and we know we have to be competitive.

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