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HAUS Decanter Centrifuges & Separators

Centri-Force is the exclusive distributor of HAUS products in UK and Ireland.

The Haus Decanter Centrifuge

Centri-Force is the exclusive distributor of HAUS Centrifuge Technologies for its range of Decanter Centrifuges and Disc Stack Separators in the UK and Ireland.

HAUS was founded in 1954 as a family business to supply plant and machinery for the olive oil business in Turkey. In 1989 the first decanter centrifuge was manufactured and the business grew steadily until the second generation of the family introduced a new and exciting range of centrifuges based on their own design, but incorporating many of the best features from their own experience working with centrifuges manufactured by competitors around the world.

The new range of decanter centrifuges quickly caught on and in the last few years market share in its home market, Turkey, has risen to over 75%. In 2010 a dedicated sales and marketing capability was founded in Istanbul with a mission to establish HAUS distribution in all of the major markets worldwide.  Since then the business has grown rapidly making HAUS one of the leading centrifuge manufacturing companies worldwide.

Decanter Centrifuge in a Waste Water Treatment Plant

Cream Separator – Maxcream 15T

The product range centres on Decanter Centrifuges with models ranging in size from 200mm diameter to 800mm. The rotating assemblies are largely made from centrifugally spun duplex stainless steel which means that they have a high performance to weight ratio and the quality ranks with the best in the world. In recent years the company has developed its own high speed disc stack separators and has recently launched a range of screw presses and industrial blowers. Through innovation in product design HAUS engineers have added to the product range which continues to expand enabling it to supply customers with wide range of products for different industrial applications.

Centri-Force was selected to be the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland because it has not only an experienced sales team active in the market, but is also the largest independent service provider to users of industrial centrifuges in the UK. Centri-Force was also selected because of its impressive workshop capability complete with machining, fabrication and dynamic balancing all in-house. The management team at HAUS knew from first hand experience that to sell highly technical equipment there had to be first class support locally. No one will buy a centrifuge and rely on service and repairs overseas, so a collaboration with Centri-Force for the UK and Ireland was the ideal solution.

Capacity and Facilities

The Company has invested in state of the art manufacturing plant with a current capacity of 400 centrifuges a year. This is planned to rise as new plant and machinery comes on line.

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