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Cream Separators

Suppliers to the dairy industry for over 30 years.
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Cream Separators

Centri-Force has been supplying new and factory refurbished Cream Separators to the dairy industry for thirty years. So we know a thing or two about how they work! We offer new HAUS cream separators and also factory refurbished centrifuges that we source from around the world.

Our refurbished machines are inspected for any wear in our workshops and our skilled engineers repair and refurbish as necessary to give them a new lease of life. Every machine we work on will have been balanced on our dynamic balancing machine and supplied with a balance report and certificate; and in addition we provide our own warranty.

Expertise and Experience

Naturally, we have all the equipment and the expertise needed to install a complete milk processing plant.

This includes pasteurisers, plate heat exchangers, homogenizers and ancillary equipment such as standardisers, pumps and pipe work. We have designed, installed and commissioned a number of plants in the UK and Ireland and are happy to assist according to your requirements.

Applied Results

Our range of Cream Separators run from small solid bowl type centrifuges to large self cleaning separators such as the Westfalia MSD300, illustrated, that can process 32,000 litres of milk per hour. Also illustrated are two Cream Separators from Alfa Laval the MRPX214 and MRPX418 that can process up to 12,000 litres per hour and 25,000 litres per hour respectively.

For all new separators we are pleased to offer one from the HAUS range of separators. When it comes to refurbished equipment we have no particular allegiance to any particular manufacturer. We are happy to supply according to customer preference or alternatively we will make our own recommendation based on our experience.
Pasteuriser, Standardiser & Homogeniser
Alfa Laval MRPX214 & MRPX418 Cream Separators
Westfalia MSD300 Cream Separator

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