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ACAT Advanced Screw Presses

Centri-Force is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of ACAT’s advanced range of Screw Presses in the UK and Ireland.



ACAT is known throughout Europe as a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals and since 1994 has developed a state of the art range of Screw Presses for treatment of municipal and industrial waste water applications.  The Austrian manufacturer has a large share of its domestic market and in recent years has appointed distributors around the world to extend its reach in the rest of Europe and beyond.

Centri-Force is an expert in separation and has been selling decanter centrifuges and high speed disc stack separators for over thirty years.  Screw Presses are a complementary technology that do not compete directly with Centri-Force’s existing products.  Both technologies have advantages in their own way and both will produce similar dewatering efficiency depending on the application.  The Screw Press uses very low energy and the slow rotating drum relies on gradual compression of the sludge through the dewatering process.  Because the drum is rotating slowly this results in low maintenance costs and is relatively quiet at around 60dB. It follows that throughput is lower than the centrifuge equivalent but it really is a question of “horses for courses” and the technology needs to be matched to site specific circumstances and applications.   Centri-Force engineers have the expertise to guide customers through the selection process and there is no doubt that the ACAT Screw Press is an exciting addition to the Company’s existing portfolio of technologies for treating waste water.

Centri-Force was selected by ACAT to be the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland because it has not only an experienced sales team active in the market, but is also the largest independent service provider to users of industrial centrifuges in the UK. The company was also selected because of its impressive workshop capability complete with its nationwide field service coverage, across the UK and Ireland. The management team at ACAT know from experience that to sell highly technical equipment there has to be first class support locally.

Customers who buy complex capital equipment rely on service and repairs locally, so a collaboration with Centri-Force for the UK and Ireland was the ideal solution.  ACAT will continue to provide technical support as needed and this is already working very well.

Installed Screw Presses, Capacity and Facilities

AS 505ACAT has built an impressive reference list of installed machines in Europe and its facilities can cope with existing and forecast demand.   The product range includes models specifically designed for sewage treatment and more robust models for industrial applications.  This is planned to rise as new the expansion into Europe more widely, North America and the rest of the world takes hold.

We are keen to help and we will be pleased to talk through the issues you have.

Centri-Force is keen to hear from existing customers and new prospects to discuss if the Screw Press technology is right for you. So, if you would like to know more simply follow one of the contact links below and we will get back to you straight away. We will be pleased to talk through your issues, and of course there is no obligation to buy

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