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Centri-Force provides mechanical separation and heat transfer technologies to process industries in the UK, Ireland and beyond. We supply decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, advanced screw presses, heat exchangers, fluid bed dryers and comprehensive repair, maintenance and field service. With over thirty years’ experience Centri-Force is the UK’s largest after care provider in the UK for industrial centrifuges and related process plant.


Process Equipment

Decanter Centrifuges and High Speed Disc Stack Separators are used in many industrial processes where there is a need to perform continuous separation as part of the process. This can be a separation of solids from liquids and liquids from liquids where there are two or three distinct phases. This frequently requires some form of heat treatment either heating or cooling. This is in essence is what Centri-Force provides. The sale of process equipment, new or refurbished, coupled with comprehensive technical backup and after sales support from our workshop and field service engineers.

Centri-Force operates in a wide range of market sectors including milk and cheese production, brewing, distilling, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mineral oil, vegetable oil refining, anaerobic digestion and animal bi-products.



While decanters and separators are used extensively in industrial processes there is an increasing demand for broadly environmental projects. This could be for example, recovering spent mineral oil, recovered vegetable oils purified for biodiesel or the treatment of wet wastes and industrial effluent generally. Many projects are concerned with the removal of solid waste and the purification of waste water to achieve consent limits coupled with water re-use.

There is also a growing demand for process improvements that result in a better environment. In many cases the drivers are financial, a cost reduction, giving rise to a rapid payback as well. Centri-Force has expertise in a wide range of diverse processes and it is our problem solving capability, technical expertise and after sales support that makes us stand out.





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